Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart - "It's like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!"

This week began with the classic Survivor food auction episode.

Will began by bidding $100 on a mystery item turned out to be a ticket out of the auction and back to camp.

And with the black guy gone, Jeff cruelly announced that the next item up for bid would be fried chicken and waffles, while the white women began grinding on Dan as Will walked off in tears.

Mike held onto all of his cash in order to bid on an advantage in the game, but not before Jeff offered up a notes from everyone's loved ones.

The contestants agreed to set the winning bid at $20, which would allow everyone to buy their note from back home for the same price and leave them all on equal footing to bid for the advantage in the game.

However, while Mike told everyone that he was buying his loved one note, he backed away once everyone else had bought theirs in order to save his entire wad for the much coveted "advantage."

That caused Carolyn to bring her unread note back to Jeff to get her money back, which in turn caused Mike to reconsider being a douche and buy his note like everyone else who actually loved their family had promised to do.

With Carolyn, Mike and Dan all having their full stash of money, Dan won the tie-breaker for the advantage by drawing rocks.

Fortunately for Will, when he arrived back at camp he received a map to a private stash of food and drinks to help him through the rest of the game. Unfortunately for Will, there were no white women.

For some reason known only to Will and Oprah, he decided to share his rations with the rest of the tribe.

Worse yet, Mike and Shirin assumed that the stash that Will was gracious enough to share was meant for the entire tribe, and that what he did in fact share (which was everything he received), was not everything he received.

That accusation caused Will to flip the fuck out, telling Shirin "Nobody likes you. I guarantee that (there's) nobody (at) home (or) in the United States that misses you."

Of course, being the hero that she thinks she is, Jenn indicated that she might stick around to mess up Will's game, even though he was in the right and that she had already quit playing the game.

Meanwhile, Mike decided to attack Boston Guy by saying, "Three famous words, flippers never win." That caused Boston Guy to flip out by repeatedly telling Mike, "You better relax!" as Mike was the one who held kept his cool and Boston Guy kept yelling.

Dan opened up his advantage and learned that he he had bought himself an "extra vote" at Tribal Council. Or as he said, "It's like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!"

At the Immunity Challenge, Will asked Jeff Probst if he could sit out to receive his letter from back home like everyone else did, saying that his family was more important to him than winning Immunity.

And when Jeff said that he'd grant his wish, but only if everyone else agreed, Shirin was the only one who cast a dissenting vote.

And because Shirin Oskooi is a giant devil bitch, Will was denied his letter from back home. 

The Immunity Challenge involved racing over a balance beam course to place six different balls in balls in a a menorah like fixture using only a set of tonges.

Mike ended up winning Individual Immunity.

However, Mike's alliance still did not have numbers on their side, and while Will was given the option of voting the Shirin out, he actually wanted to keep her around just to make her life miserable.

Noting that Dan was the swing vote, Jenn noted, "My entire game is in dumbass's hands," forgetting that she's not exactly a rocket surgeon herself.

Dan took being the swing vote the only way he possibly could, and let the power go to his head, causing him to yell at everyone who was lobbying for his vote that it was going to be, "My decision!"

At Tribal Council, Will denied attacking Sharin.

Sharin rebutted that comment by saying, "He started talking about how I have no family, how I'm a loser, how more people in this game like him than like me in my entire life."

While that made it seem like Will had in fact attacked Shirin, he responded perfectly by telling Jeff, "That's true though."

And when Shirin continued to plead her case against Will by saying, "That I have no soul, that he needs to pray for me," he once again defended his comments by saying, "That's true though!"

Shirin then went on to call everybody out for not standing up for her since her biological dad verbally abused her and a bunch of other stuff that I stopped listening to.

After Shirin finally got done airing her grievances, Boston Guy called Mike out for trying to manipulate the auction and lying about buying his letter from home before Carolyn called his his not so tricky trickanery out.

In the end, Jenn was voted out, sending her back home to her much beloved family, yachts, and cheeseburgers.

I actually think that Jenn Brown would look better with a cheeseburger tattooed on her belly. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Survivor Blog - "I still hate you."

This week's Survivor began with Jenn suddenly wanting quit the game because her BFF Hali got voted out, which made no sense at all considering that she had to know that she'll look so much prettier going forward without Hali standing next to her all the time.

Hali Ford might not be considered pretty outside of laws school, but she knows how to pick the right accessories that make her look better, like Jenn  Brown.  

The Reward Challenge saw the contestants divide into two teams and navigate an aquatic obstacle course in order to be the fastest to retrieve five rings floating in the water with a grappling hook.

With the winning team earning a trip to what Jeff Probst dubbed the "Chocolate Cafe," Dan, Sharin, Tyler, Mike and Sierra ended up winning unlimited candy bars, as well as unlimited trips to the rest room.

In a case of "I know what you've been doing, but you've been doing it wrong," Sierra came down with herpes on her neck, while Joe had an outbreak on his pecs.

While the others were away at their reward, Boston Guy successfully lobbied to kill a chicken, which all but eliminated Jenn's final ally in camp.

At the Immunity Challenge the contestants had to stand on their toes and use the top of their heads to keep a block pinned against a beam that was above them without slouching and letting it fall.

Joe finally lost his first Immunity Challenge, which allowed Tyler to claim Individual Immunity.

Back at camp, Joe claimed that he was going to play an Idol that he didn't have, so the jewelry maker went to work and constructed a fake Idol out of a stash of drift wood, sea shells and the remnants of Dan's underpants, all of which he had found washed up on the beach.

Joe Anglim may go down as the best all around player in the history of  Survivor who never made it longer than people like Shirin or Jenn Brown. 

Better yet, Joe promised to give Mike the fake Idol, but only if Mike promised to vote for Jenn instead of himself.

At Tribal Council, Jenn continued her half ass approach to staying in the game, even though she clearly wanted to go home, by trying to explain why she competed hard enough to finish second in the Immunity Challenge.

Jenn began by saying, "I don't like this, but I really do want this," before going on to state, "It would be really cool to win that necklace."

Of course, she said she would have just given the Idol to Joe had she won it just to mix things up given that everyone was planning on voting for him, so it was all clearly just a game to her.

However, when Jeff offered Jenn the chance to do the right thing and let Joe stay in the game by simply walking away, Jenn refused and selfishly stated, "That's quitting, and I don't do quitting."

Joe made it known that he wanted to stay in the game that he loved and lobbied against Jenn by saying, "She's already quit mentally, emotionally and physically."

Joe also noted how people might be willing to take Jenn all the way to the end because she didn't give a shit anymore, which come to think of it, just might have been her plan all along.

Mike then asked Jeff Probst to verify the fake Immunity Idol that Joe had given him, which Jeff refused to do until he officially played it.

In what turned out to be a confusing vote to the non-power players, Tyler cast his vote for Jenn but said, "I have no idea what is going on."

Likewise, Boston Guy voted for Joe while saying, "I have no idea what is going to happen tonight."

And when Mike got up and played Joe's fake Immunity Idol by announcing, "I'm going to play it for Will," Jeff informed him, "This is NOT a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast for Will will still count."

Fortunately for Will, nobody voted for him, and it all came down to Joe and Jenn.

And Just as the final vote was about to be read with Jenn and Joe tied 4 to 4, Jenn gushed, "This is exciting," almost as if she was sailing around the world on a whim in a yacht that her parents had given her.

Upon hearing Jeff say that it was Joe who was voted out, Shirin, in her first likable moment all season, looked at Jenn and said while sneering, "I still hate you."

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

This week's Survivor began Boston Guy upset with Mike for switching his vote at Tribal Council from Hali to Jenn, which allowed Jenn to play her Idol and eliminate Kelly instead of Hali as they had planned.

Meanwhile, Jenn Brown let her little bit of success go straight to her ass...Just like everything she eats. 

Boston Guy was also upset that the new tribe was rationing their food, which is kind of hard for someone who is only smart as dog to understand.

But instead of biting, Boston Guy impressed everyone when he said, "Every time I get mad I'm just going to walk away, maybe punch a tree or something, and then come back in there with a fresh 'cool, calm and collected mindset," which was apparently something that he actually took away from his anger management classes.

Rodney Lajoie, Jr. - Sadly, I get the feeling that there are trees all over Boston missing bark, with an equal number of douchey dudes walking around with their hands wrapped up in ice dancing like they were Gronk. 

The Reward Challenge required the contestants to navigate a series of balance beams to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, with the top three finishers getting to compete to complete their puzzle for a zip line tour and pizza party.

Joe ended up being the fastest on the beams and his puzzle to win reward, and he chose Tyler, Will and Carolyn to join him.

And when Jeff Probst announced that he could take a 5th person, Boston Guy lobbied to go.

However, Joe dismissed by telling him that he already ate more than anybody around camp, and he chose Shirin to go instead.

At the pizza party, Carolyn ended up with a bottle of soda that had an Immunity Idol clue in it, but was so oblivious that she offered the rest of her drink to Joe.

Tyler saw Joe nearly choke on the clue as he tried to swallow it, so Joe felt compelled to share it with him back at camp.

Of course, Mike saw Tyler read the clue with Joe, so Tyler felt compelled to tell him what the clue said...Which started a mad dash to search for the Idol.

Mike, who was the least deserving person, ended up finding the Idol, which he wanted to use to help get rid of Joe.

Dan confronted Shirin, or whatever her name is, for what he described as her being content as, "Yet another fan who can't do simple math," in reference to her willingness to be on the ass end of the numbers game so long as she wasn't next up to be evicted.

And when Shirin responded by saying that she had a plan in place Dan said, "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

As somebody who's just along for the ride, Dan Foley probably shouldn't be one to judge. 

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants only had to navigate a slide puzzle through a table maze and then solve that puzzle.

After twice proclaiming victory, Dan was, well, wrong both times. That allowed Joe to come from behind and win, which pretty much shit in Mike's Easter Basket.

That was Joe's third Individual Immunity Challenge win, which has to put him in the conversation for being one of the most dominant Survivor players ever, at least when it comes to just the challenges.

At camp, the girls all bonded together, not to because they were trying to make a big move to win the game, but because the annoying but harmless Dan had hurt their feelings and they wanted to vote him out.

And while Jenn and the girls seemed confident in their plan, it was Hali who was voted out over Dan when Sierra elected not to flip. In the process, Dan nearly wet himself, while Boston Guy to laughed out loud.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Jeff, I really don't want to go home tonight"

This week's Survivor began with Boston Guy having a full blown Boston Tear Party over his pal Joaquin getting blindsided last week, thanks in part due to Mike.

Rodney Flajoie, Jr. is the type of guy who thinks that Rob Gronkowski dances cool. 

What was thought to be a Reward Challenge turned out to be the final merge, with the final tribe, "Merica," getting the chance to bond over a feast and a case of the shits.

However, in a mini twist, while the tribes were gone, their camp was completely removed by the producers so they had to completely rebuild.

Mike and Boston Guy decided to reconcile after the merge, and they compared their decision to get back together to having "make-up sex."

The Immunity Challenge required the players to wrap their arms and legs around a pole and hold on the longest in a test of endurance,

During the challenge Jenn got stung by a bee on her lady parts, which was obviously attracted to the nasty nectar stain on the vaginal region of her swimsuit.

Jenn Brown may want to burn her swimsuit bottoms once Survivor is over. 

In the end, Joe won the first Individual Immunity necklace of the season, which may have saved his ass and put the focus on the former Blue Collars heading into Tribal Council.

Former White Collars Tyler and Carolyn turned out to be the swing votes, with the option of voting out No Collar Jenn, or Blue Collar Kelly.

At Tribal Council, Will summarized the uncertainly to Jeff Probst by telling him, "You may get voted out tonight...I hope you have an Idol."

As it turned out, Jenn decided to play her Idol and said, "Jeff, I really don't wan't to go home tonight," which turned out to be a brilliant play, as she would have been voted out.

That sent Kelly home instead, allowing Jenn and her vag stain to play on.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: "Is that something about me and my personality?"

This week's Survivor began with the remaining two tribes adjusting life after the first merge.

More specifically, the Blue Tribe had to adjust to Shirin, who complained about nobody wanting to align with her, which caused her to ask the rhetorical question, "Is that something about me and my personality?"

At the Blue Tribe, Boston Guy proclaimed that he didn't trust Mike because he goes to church, doesn't drink, and "doesn't potty," which I would think would actually be a redeeming quality around camp.

The Immunity Challenge involved climbing up an obstacle tower as a team, and then launching beanbags at a series of targets with slingshots.

Believe it or not, Fat Jenn did better than Boston Guy when it came to flicking beans, and the Red Tribe ended up winning beef stew, mac and cheese, and a bad case of the hot cocoas.

Not being able to come to grips over losing to a girl, Boston Guy decided he needed to throw the next Immunity Challenge in order to get rid of Joe, who he viewed as his main competition when it came to getting with the girls

Mike went along with Boston Guy's plans, but only to keep his true ally, Kelly, safe on the Red Tribe, where he felt that she was unprotected as the sole "Blue Collar."

The Immunity Challenge was a game of memory, with contestants from each team going one-on-one to memorize a sequence of items...Needless to say, Boston Guy didn't do very well.

Almost on script, the finals came down to Mike, who was trying to throw the challenge, and Kelly who Mike was trying to help win.

Mike Holloway proves why people from the south who don't drink shouldn't be allowed at pro hockey games. 

Unfortunately, Kelly was too dumb to take Mike's clues, and ended up needing three different tries to get things right, as Mike kept intentionally getting his sequence of items wrong. Needless to say, that didn't make Mike look too good.

However, as stupid as Kelly was, she was still smart enough to be appreciative of what Mike did for her.

"When I knew Mike was throwing the challenge and helping me out, that was the first time in my life I think I totally ever trusted somebody." Sadly, Kelly's story began when her dad died shortly after he sexually molested her.

Mike immediately seemed to regret his decision to throw the challenge, recognizing Boston Guy and Joaquin were working together as the new power couple.

That caused Mike to approach Joe and Sierra about splitting the two of them up; however, Sierra wasn't sure, mainly because she hated Dan so much that she didn't want to work with him, even if it was best for her game.

Sierra Dawn Thomas: I'm pretty sure that going pantless violates the Mormon code of conduct. 

At Tribal Council, everything revolved around wooing Sierra, who was the obvious swing vote.

In the end, Joaquin was blindsided, which actually left his BFF, Boston Guy, even more blindsided than he was.

Joaquin Souberbielle fared much better back when he was on the Jersey Shore. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart - "I think I'm going to go try to poop. If I don't try, it won't happen, right?"

This week's Survivor was hyped as a special two hour episode, which really just turned out to be two separate episodes played back to back.

It all began with a Reward Challenge, which saw each tribe appoint a "caller" to guide pairs of blindfolded teammates through a maze to collect three different items and raise them up a scaffold.

After several near genital mutilations, things got interesting for the "Blue Collars" when Sierra dropped their scaffold down on a blindfolded Kelly's head, which split open like a coconut.

And while the medic was called in to asses the bleeding, Kelly elected to power on.

The "No Collars" ended up winning, with the "White Collars" coming in second. That gave the "No Collars" a flock of chickens, the "White Collars" ten eggs as a consolation prize.

Because it was Will's birthday, the "No Collars" decided to slaughter one of their new chickens, because all black people love fried chicken.

And all stereotypes aside, Will declared his love for fried chicken, and seemed to appreciate every bite.

Of course, killing a chicken caused vegetarian Jenn to get all butt hurt, or at least gave her an excuse to walk out into the woods and search for the Idol, which she found without even having a clue.

Momentarily thinking that she was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives instead of Survivor, that caused Jenn to exclaim, "Winner, winner, chicken dinner!" #CatchphraseFail.

At the "Blue Collar" tribe, Boston Guy got himself in trouble by saying that girls need to hold themselves to a higher standard than guys when it comes to hooking up, and that just about caused Lindsey's ribbons to pop out of her hair.

And when she scolded Boston Guy, "If you were my son, I'd break your jaw and feed it to you for breakfast," I think Lindsey Cascaddan meant it.

Not knowing what to do after getting called the fuck out by a girl, Boston Guy decided to make their dispute personal, but only really quietly, and only after making sure that Lindsey wasn't around to hear him.

Specifically, Boston Guy wondered about Lindsey, "Who the Hell gets a tattoo on their damn face unless they have some serious problems?"

Of course, that came from the same guy who apparently let a five year-old draw all over his body with permanent markers, so Rodney Lavoie, Jr., a/k/a Boston Guy, might just want to let that one go.

The Tribes then went on to an Immunity Challenge, where each tribe first had to maneuver through a rope maze obstacle course, and then use a system of levers to navigate several balls up a table maze.

The "No Collars" won immunity, with the "White Collars" finishing in second, which sent the "Blue Collars" to Tribal Council.

That caused Dan to give his unsolicited opinion to Boston Guy on talking to Lindsey, and for that matter, on talking to women in general.

"There's to ways listen to people in the world. You can listen like a guy, or you can listen like a girl. When you listen like a guy, you try to solve the problem. When you listen like a girl, you empathize, you just nod your head and agree."

And just when you thought that Dan might be on to something profound he proclaimed, "I am so much smarter than I look," as he nodded his head and smiled in approval of what he had just said.

Boston Guy actually could have took a cue from Dan, but instead declared, "I'm going to be the leader here no matter what, I'm the Tom Brady here," which I think was actually his way of indirectly apologizing and saying that he's going to start letting the women take charge.

At Tribal Council, Lindsey, Sierra and Kelly all lashed out at Rodney (Boston Guy) for the way he talked to women, who defended himself by (sigh), once again proclaiming that women should hold themselves to higher standards than men.

That even caused Jeff Probst to jump in and scold, "That comment just offended millions of women," to which Rodney, still seemingly oblivious, replied, "What? That women should hold themselves out of higher respect?"

And maybe Boston Guy was onto something, as after a tie vote it was Lindsey was sent packing.

That lead us to the second Reward Challenge of the episode, where Jeff Probst announced that they'd be re-drawing for tribes by saying, "Drop your buffs!"

The Blue Tribe consisted of Dan, Mike, Sierra and Rodney from the "Blue Collars," who were joined by Tyler, Joe and Joaquin.

The Red Tribe had "No Collars" Will, Hali and Jenn, along with "White Collars" Max and Shirin, with former "Blue Collar" Kelly as the de facto swing vote

The challenge itself saw a member of each new tribe launch balls with catapult, as their teammates tried to catch them in a lacrosse style net.

The Blue Tribe ended up winning the reward, which turned out to be a pack of kitchen supplies, along with everything from the old "White Collar" camp.

Tyler seemed happy with the the merge saying, "Sierra seems to be kind of the broken puppy...I've always said, bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled survivors. I want the broken people to come with me."

That makes Tyler Fredrickson the the male equivalent of the girl who was sexually molested as a child who grows up to rescue animals. 

At the Blue Tribe, Jenn immediately developed a dislike for Shirin after Shirin shared just a little bit too much information when she announced. "I think I'm going to go try to poop. If I don't try, it won't happen, right?"

After Shirin dropped her deuce, we moved on to the Immunity Challenge, which consisted of navigating an obstacle course as a team and then using a wrecking ball to smash a series of ceramic pots.

With the Blue Tribe winning Max gushed, "The biggest thing about that challenge to me was not smiling too big after we lost it. I'm really happy to go to Tribal Council and change the dynamic around camp."

Fortunately for the Blue Tribe, Max got his wish.

And with the voting completed, Max bluffed playing an Idol by interrupting and saying, "Hey Jeff, hold up bro," before saying, "I just always wanted to say that."

Sure enough, Max was voted out, leaving the former college professor who once taught a course on Survivor on the outside of the Jury looking in.

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Post Free Agency NFL Mock Draft

Here is my Post Free Agency 2015 NFL Mock Draft. It will be followed by regular updates up until the NFL Draft on April 30th.

My mock draft has been linked by The Football Fan Spot, Sports Jabber, DC Pro Sports ReportWalter Football, FF Toolbox,, The Football ExpertFantasy Football Help Desk, The Huddle Report, Niners Nation, EDS Football, NFL Mock Draft Central and NFL Pro Zach in their Mock Draft Databases.

1st Round

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State:

Should the Buccaneers play it safe with Marcus Mariota, or go with the more talented Jameis Winston?

Tampa Bay has their choice between the consensus top two quarterbacks in the draft. Coming from a pro-style offense and possessing the stronger arm, Jameis Winston has the edge between the sidelines. With higher character and better decision making on and off the field, Marcus Mariota has the edge between the ear holes. When in doubt, NFL GM's selecting at the top of the draft typically go with the stronger arm.

2. Tennessee Titans – Leonard Williams, DE, USC:

Will the Titans trade out of the No. 2 spot?

The Titans could be at a position of strength at the No. 2 spot with teams looking to trade up for Marcus Mariota. As for now, Mariota's suitors are still speculative, and Tennessee could use a versatile defensive end like Leonard Williams to anchor their 3-4 defense.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dante Fowler, Jr.: 

Which top DE will the Jaguars select in the 1st Round?

The Jaguars should have their pick of speed rushers in the draft. The question is whether they will go for a true 4-3 defensive end like Dante Fowler, Jr. of Florida, or one of the smaller but speedier pass rushers who may be better suited to play outside linebacker. While the Jaguars could use both a defensive end and an outside linebacker for their "LEO" position, Fowler is the best fit for their scheme.

4. Oakland Raiders - Kevin White, WR, West Virginia: 

Who will emerge as the top wide receiver in the draft? 

Derek Carr and the Raiders desperately need a go-to receiver. Kevin White demonstrated elite size, speed and ball skills at West Virginia, and may have confirmed his status as the top wide receiver in the draft with a strong performance at the Scouting Combine. 

5. Washington Pigskins - Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska:

Which pass rusher will fall to the Pigskins?

While it may seem like Brian Orakpo was never really ever in Washington to begin with, the team still has a need to fill at pass rusher. Randy Gregory of may be the cream of the crop when it comes to 3-4 outside linebackers.

6. New York Jets – 
Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: 

Will the Jets draft a quarterback in the 1st Round?

It doesn't matter how much money the Jets spend on their defense, if they can't find a franchise quarterback they'll continue to be one of the NFL's worse teams. Unfortunately, the team could be on the outside of this year's QB lottery looking in at the 6th overall pick if Marcus Mariota generates enough buzz to make him a trade target. If Mariota is available with the No. 6 pick, the Jets should run to the podium. 

7. Chicago Bears – Danny Shelton, DT, Washington: 

How will the Bears stock their new 3-4 defense?

The Bears could look to a wide receiver on offense to replace Brandon Marshall, but the more pressing need is on defense as they transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. Danny Shelton would be an intriguing pick at nose tackle to anchor their defense, and despite his size at 340 pounds, Shelton is extremely agile with surprising stamina.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson: 

Will the Falcons address their pass rush, or their secondary?

If there's a team with a bigger need at pass rusher than the Falcons heading into this season, it was the Falcons heading into last season. Atlanta is still in desperate need for a playmaker who can put some much needed heat on opposing quarterbacks, and in turn, take some off of their own secondary. Vic Beasley is a bit undersized to play defensive end in a 3-4 system, but is athletic enough to play outside linebacker and then move to the edge on passing downs, much like how new coach Dan Quinn used Bruce Irvin in Seattle

9. New York Giants – D.J. Humphries, LT, Florida:

Will the Giants take an offensive lineman, or will they address their defense?

The Giants are in the market for help at left tackle, which would have a positive domino effect on the rest of their offensive line. In a weak class, D.J. Humphrhies of Florida may not only be the best, but possibly the only true left tackle prospect in this year's draft.

10. St. Louis Rams – 
Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa: 

Can the Rams afford to pass on an offensive lineman?

The Rams have big needs at guard, center and tackle on their offensive line. With the 10th pick, Brandon Scherff of Iowa could be a plug and play starter at either tackle or guard, which would give the team some versatility as last year's top pick Greg Robinson tries to find a forever home.

11. Minnesota Vikings – Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State:

Should the Vikings draft another WR?

With the Vikings allegedly resolving their issues at wide receiver with the Mike Wallace trade, the team can look to address other needs in the draft. After leading Michigan State's vaunted "No Fly Zone" secondary and proving himself as the draft's clear cut top cover corner at the Scouting Combine, if Trae Waynes falls outside of the top ten, he'd both fill a need and represent solid value for the Vikings.

12. Cleveland Browns – Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama:

How will the Browns replace Josh Gordon?

Depending on how the draft shakes out, it's very possible that an elite wide receiver like Amari Cooper or Kevin White could fall to Cleveland at the No. 12 spot. I don't care how many Brian Hartlines and Dwayne Bowes the Brown's might sign, they still have a huge need for a game changer at receiver. Amari Cooper would certainly satisfy that need. 

13. New Orleans Saints - Shane Ray, OLB, Missouri:

How should the Saints improve their defense?

Shane Ray of Missouri is a bit undersized as pass rusher for a conventional 4-3 defensive, and is probably better suited to be a three down player in a 3-4 scheme if he can make the transition to dropping into coverage. Assuming he can do so, Ray would be an ideal fit in New Orleans, as Rob Ryan and the Saints continue to transition towards more of a hybrid defense.

14. Miami Dolphins – DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville

Where do the Dolphins go after overpaying for Ndamukong Suh?

Now that Miami has over paid for Ndamukong Suh, they need to see if Ryan Tannehill is capable of leading a winning team or if they need find a quarterback capable of taking them to the next level. In order to make that evaluation, the Dolphins need to give him a dependable receiver, and Devante Parker of Louisville is at least in the discussion as being the best in this year's draft class.
15. San Francisco 49ers – Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon: 

How will the 49'ers replenish their defense?

The free agent signing of Darnell Dockett should replace the loss of defensive end Ray McDonald, but the retirement of Justin Smith still leaves a huge hole on the other side of the 49'ers once dominant defensive line. An athletic end like Arik Armstead of Oregon who can play the 5-technique would help San Francisco start to re-load.

16. Houston Texans Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State: 

Do the Texans need another receiver?

The Texans will need to find a replacement for Andre Johnson to play opposite DeAndre Hopkins at wide receiver. Jaelen Strong of Arizona State has the size, strength and speed that will remind many Texans fans of Johnson before he lost a step and turned into a de facto tight end. Free agent signee Cecil Shorts will be a nice addition as a compliment, but not as Johnson's replacement. 

17. San Diego Chargers – Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford:

How long should the Chargers wait to draft a running back?

The Chargers could use an upgrade on both their offensive and defensive lines, as well as at running back. When your quarterback is Phillip Rivers and he finished last season injured, offensive line gets first dibs. Andrus Peat of Stanford projects as a solid, if not elite tackle at the NFL level. At the very worst case scenario he has the bulk to play on the right side, or possibly even move inside to guard. With the draft deep in running backs, the Chargers should still be able to find an elite talent in the second round.

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Landon Collins, S, Alabama: 

Do the Chiefs need to look for a replacement for Eric Berry?

With Eric Berry's career in question, the Chiefs need to add another presence in the back end of their defense. While Landon Collins may lack Berry's ball skills, he's a big time hitter who can help out against the run. Better yet, he'd be an ideal compliment to Berry in the event that everyone is hoping for, his health improving to the point that would allow him to return. 

19. Cleveland Browns – Malcom Brown, DT, Texas:

What is the Browns' biggest need on defense?

With a strong running game in place, a run stuffing defensive lineman like Malcom Brown of Texas could help the Browns solidify their defense and play ball control football as they try to sort out the mess that their front office created at quarterback and receiver.

20. Philadelphia Eagles – 
Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri:

What position does Philadelphia need to address first after the great roster purge of 2015?

Chip Kelly has created more holes in the Eagles roster than they can possibly address in the draft or what left remains on the free agent market. Perhaps the most glaring need is at wide receiver, where only Riley Cooper and his
21. Cincinnati Bengals - Eddie Goldman, DT, Florida State:

How can the Bengals bring their defense to the next level?

The Bengals would like to improve at defensive tackle, and a run stuffer like Eddie Goldman of Florida State would give the Bengals some great rotational depth along with Geno Atkins and Domata Peko. Athletic upgrades at outside linebacker and safety could also be considered, but would represent better values in the second round.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers - Alvin "Bud" Dupree, OLB, Kentucky:  

What should the Steelers address first, their secondary, or their front seven?

Pittsburgh could use an outside linebacker now that Jason Worilds has retired. Alvin "Bud" Dupree of Kentucky fits the Steelers' mold of a 'tweener that they can make fit their system as a 3-4 pass rusher.

23. Detroit Lions - Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin:

Will the Lions address their issues at DT?

Despite a huge need at defensive tackle even after trading for Haloti Ngata to replace Ndamukong Suh, Lions' GM Martin Mayhew will still take a best player available approach to the draft. Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin would not only give the Lions some sizzle to replace Reggie Bush, but he's strong enough between the tackles to be an every down back, allowing the fumble prone Joique Bell to become more of a role player.

24. Arizona Cardinals Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia:

How should the Cardinals proceed after big losses in free agency?

Despite huge free agent losses at cornerback, defensive end, and defensive tackle, the Cardinals can probably improve their team the quickest by addressing another area, running back. By bringing in a big back like Todd Gurley of Georgia and allowing Andre Ellington to be more of a big play threat, Arizona would take some pressure off of Carson Palmer, who needs to be more of a game manager than a playmaker at quarterback.

25. Carolina Panthers T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pitt:

What is the Panthers' biggest need, WR, DE, or OT?

The Panthers did their best to tread water at left tackle last season after Jordan Gross retired. If Carolina can get their hands on a top tackle like T.J. Clemmings of Pittsburgh with the 25th pick, they'd be more than happy. Another threat at wide receiver should also be a consideration, but that need could be also be addressed via free agency or in the second round.

26. Baltimore Ravens - Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State:

Will need and Ozzie Newsome's best player available strategy meet?

Ozzie Newsome may need to consider his BPA philosophy after free agency and salary cap cuts ripped their receiving corps and defensive line. Fortunately, this year's draft is extremely deep at wide receiver, giving the Ravens a value pick at a position of need with deep threat Devin Smith of Ohio State.

27. Dallas Cowboys - Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA:

Should the Cowboys draft a DT or a DE in the first round?

Dallas has needs across the board on defense, perhaps none more glaring than at pass rusher. Owamagbe Odighizuwa of UCLA is an elite 4-3 defensive end who could be a late riser into the first round after injuries forced him to sit out the 2013 season and kept him from getting much preseason hype.

28. Denver Broncos - La'el Collins, T, LSU:

How will the Broncos get Peyton Manning a final Super Bowl trophy?

If Peyton Manning is going to come back for one last run at a Super Bowl, the Broncos might as well go all in and make sure that he’s taken care of. Tackle La'El Collins of LSU would give Manning and the Broncos some additional security when it comes to pass protection and in the running game at right tackle, allowing Pro Bowl guard Louis Vazquez to move back inside.

29. Indianapolis Colts - Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami::

Should Indianapolis address their offensive line or their defense in the first round?

The Colts have been the early winners in free agency, having addressed many of their most important needs even before the draft. That should allow them to work on upgrading their starters, and Erek Flowers of Pittsburgh would be an immediate upgrade over Gosder Cherilus at right tackle.

30. Green Bay Packers Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma:

How do the Packers improve their defense the quickest?

Green Bay will need to look hard and often at inside linebackers in the draft, but value wise, the first round isn't the time or the place. The Packers should be able to find better value with a run stuffer like Jordan Phillips of Oklahoma with the 30th pick, and then address their need at inside linebacker a bit later in the draft.

31. New Orleans Saints, Marcus Peters, CB, Washington:

Can the Saints afford to use a high draft pick on a receiver?

The Saints trade of Jimmy Graham was all about freeing up salary cap space and improving their defense. An elite, albeit troubled corner like Marcus Peters of Washington would infuse some much needed talent on the outside of the Saints' secondary. 

32. New England Patriots - Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

Where do the Patriots have the biggest need, cornerback, defensive tackle, or guard?

Despite a hole at guard all last season after the Logan Mankins trade, the Patriots still managed to win the Super Bowl. Accordingly, the Patriots would be better served trying to replace Vince Wilfork or their devastating losses at cornerback in Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner. Jalen Collins of LSU as a big and talented corner who could at least replace Browner.